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Queens Together is a 501c3 Restaurant-Driven Food Relief Organization, empowering local eateries and partnering with them to tackle food insecurity. United, we deliver culturally-rich healthy meals and groceries to neighbors in need, while promoting business success and job stability. Each funding dollar doesn't just combat hunger, it also supports a thriving community.

Together, we empower food businesses with Resources for best business practices, Connections with city agencies and officials, Promotional services, and partnerships with Community organizations to support business and alleviate food insecurity in our borough. There are no costs to join! Everyone is welcome.

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“When Covid hit NY, QT stepped forward and raised a banner that we could all rally around. Organizing restaurants to feed our overwhelmed healthcare workers and neighbors. They saved many restaurants in the process. Queens Together is the real deal.”

- Michael Fuquay, The Queensboro

“Queens Together was instrumental in keeping local businesses open by connecting them with monies to provide food to front liners and those in need. We are honored to be a member of this game changing organization.”

- TM Walker, MumsKitchens NYC

“QT’s unwavering support of small local businesses, which are the economic engine of our city and feeding people when they can’t feed themselves is a noble pursuit of the highest calling.”

- Rick White, The Bier and Cheese Collective

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